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What is going to be an ETIAS effect on UK after Brexit?

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The rules for traveling have been changed since the UK left the EU. Many Brits now wonder if they will have to pay for entry to Europe from the UK. ETIAS effect will be huge on the whole of Europe.

British citizens are currently exempt from paying an additional EU entry fee. British citizens must apply for an ETIAS visa waiver every three years to travel to EU countries after Brexit. Once the November 2023 implementation of the ETIAS visa waiver is complete, the European Commission confirmed that UK citizens could apply for travel authorization.

What changed after Brexit for UK travelers to Europe?

Even though the UK is no longer an EU member, it maintains ties with the block, having agreed to various bilateral trade deals with third countries. So ETIAS effect is still going to be visible for UK citizens.
The establishment of a free trade agreement in December 2020 alleviated much of the confusion surrounding the impact of Brexit on UK travelers looking to enter Europe. As of today, British people can travel to Schengen nations for short-term visits with just their passports.
From 2023, the new ETIAS visa waiver will assure that UK citizens can travel to Schengen member countries without a visa.

The Gibraltar situation was also swiftly resolved. The latest agreements have also permitted the British Overseas Territory to join the Schengen Area, allowing residents of the 2.6 square-mile rock to be less isolated. As a result, people will be able to enter Spain without an ETIAS from Gibraltar. However, Brits visiting Gibraltar will need one.

Is ETIAS a tax designed for British visitors?

No, it is not. ETIAS is not going to halt British travelers from entering Europe. The ETIAS visa waiver aims to combat terrorism, epidemics, organized crime, and illegal immigration and enhance border cooperation and security. ETIAS was not in any way designed to punish British citizens for choosing to exit the European Union.etias effect

As such, many other nationalities must apply for ETIAS when it goes live. For example, American citizens, Australian nationals, Canadians, and many more will also need ETIAS to be able to travel to Europe. It is not a UK-only affair.

ETIAS is valid for up to three years, and UK citizens will be able to use the waiver for multiple journeys. Therefore, British nationals do not need to reapply for a travel authorization or pay the ETIAS fee every time they travel to Europe from the UK. UK nationals can stay in Europe for up to 90 days each 180 days as long as their passport and ETIAS are valid. Furthermore, the cost that UK citizens would pay will cover all 26 Schengen nations.

How can UK citizens apply for ETIAS?

The ETIAS application will be wholly online and won’t take more than 10 minutes! Good news for every traveler. They will only need a biometric passport, a valid email address, and enough money to pay the ETIAS fee. After that, it’s applying time!

ETIAS effect will soon be visible to everyone. People will need to fill out the ETIAS form with simple biometric information (name, surname, date of birth) and current address and contact info (email, phone number). During the application, the system will request that the applicant answer some questions related to prior travels, criminal history, etc.

Once submitted, the system will pre-screen the applicant against several European security databases to confirm the validity and authenticity of the data. The response should be ready in around 24 hours.


Why so much fuss about ETIAS?

In the end, ETIAS will bring positive change to European travel and UK citizens looking to travel to France, Spain, Italy, Germany, or any other Schengen country. That’s because it will reduce waiting times for travelers and enhance the travel experience while curbing illegal and threatening activities in the European Union and the Schengen area.

Do I need ETIAS to travel to the UK?

The UK is no longer a member of the EU. However, British citizens are not required to have a visa to enter the Schengen Area or stay for a short time. While there are no visa requirements in the UK, travelers must apply for ETIAS starting May 2023.

Will I need ETIAS after Brexit?

To travel to EU countries post-Brexit, British citizens must apply for an ETIAS visa waiver once every three years. Once mandatory, in May 2023, the European Commission confirmed that UK travelers would require travel authorization.

How long is ETIAS valid?

Three years. You can find out how long the ETIAS Visa Waiver lasts here. The ETIAS visa waiver expires on the date of issue. The ETIAS visa waiver is valid for three years or until the passport expires.