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So people must have heard of the new European Travel Information and Authorization System, or ETIAS visa waiver. It will go live in 2023 and change the way over 60 different countries approach their traveling to Europe. Travelers are now asking themselves just what an ETIAS is and how they can obtain it.

Is it possible to obtain an ETIAS visa waiver the same way as they obtain a traditional visa? The news is that an ETIAS visa is more straightforward than a conventional visa. It will be less of a hassle to travel to Europe from now on. Let’s see how this will work in the ETIAS UK case.

ETIAS is the next generation of European travel experience

ETIAS will digitalize the process of applying for entry into Europe. Practically, travelers from 60 nations (including the UK) who enjoy visa-free travel with Europe will need to apply for authorization before reaching the point of entry and crossing the border. Once applied online and received permission, they can travel. They can then present their travel documents and the approved ETIAS visa to border officials.

ETIAS uses several security databases to pre-screen applicants to understand whether they pose a threat. The system will be a cross-country collaboration between border police and intelligence agencies across European soil. It is meant to enhance the security and safety of European borders significantly and shield the EU from terrorism, epidemics, or organized crime threats.

ETIAS is the next generation of European travel experience. Any traveler in the future will know what ETIAS is and how it changed everything about traveling to Europe. The system is designed to be as immediate and impactful as possible, reducing downtimes and strengthening cooperation and security without compromising a quality traveler experience.

But that’s not the only thing ETIAS will be thanked for. Travelers will especially appreciate how the new visa waiver program clears obstacles, queues, and wasted time from the traveler’s trip plan. No more waiting at the embassy for a visa: just enter your info through the portal, answer the questions, and submit your application. No more long queues at the Airport with the border police asking detailed questions about everything while people look puzzled. With ETIAS, the border police already have a positive pre-screen, so the entry should proceed smoother. Of course, border police have the final say and can ask for additional documentation if it considers the applicant’s information inaccurate or their profile threatening.

UK citizens will require ETIAS to enter France, Germany, or any other Schengen country

etias visaUK citizens looking to travel to France or any other Schengen country will need to apply for ETIAS. To do so, they must have all the necessary ETIAS requirements: possess a biometric passport, have a valid email address, and sufficient funds to pay the ETIAS fee. The online application won’t take more than 10 minutes. Travelers must include biometric data (name, surname, birth date), address, and other relevant information such as travel history and criminal record when applying. Applicants will get a response usually in 24 hours or less.

UK citizens enjoy visa-free travel to EU countries like France, Germany, and Italy at this moment. The United Kingdom is no longer officially part of the European Union after Brexit, but UK citizens can still travel freely in Europe. However, that will change in 2023 when ETIAS goes live. But not to panic: ETIAS will be, after all, a pain-free experience for every traveler.

ETIAS Visa Waiver or Schengen Visa?

ETIAS Visa Waiver and Schengen Visa Short Overview

European Travel Information and Authorization System will be able to issue authority for citizens of the 60 nations to travel to Europe in 2023. They are not required to have a visa. ETIAS and Schengen Visas will be the forms of this authorization. It’s either/or ETIAS or Schengen.

Simply put, European visitors who have ETIAS are not required to obtain a Schengen Visa. A Schengen Visa is required for those who aren’t eligible or don’t possess ETIAS.

Main Differences Between ETIAS Visa Waiver and Schengen Visa

ETIAS, an electronic system linked to a traveler’s passport, allows them to travel within the European Union and not necessarily in the Schengen region if they are not citizens of the EU.

The Schengen Visa can be manually entered into a passport. It allows for travel within 26 member countries. A Schengen Visa, unlike ETIAS, which allows travel across Europe, is only valid for the country it was applied for. It is not valid for travel to other Schengen nations. A visa must be applied for by the Embassy of the Schengen country where the visitor intends to spend the most time. A Schengen visa permits a maximum 90-day stay within six months after the entry date.

Main Differences Between ETIAS Application and Schengen Visa Application

etias visa

ETIAS applications can be completed online in less than twenty minutes. You will need basic information and details about any foreign conflict zones visited and criminal records. It is also necessary to specify the first destination country in Europe. You should be aware of all ETIAS application requirements correctly is easy if you know all the requirements. A thorough review of all the information provided will determine acceptance or rejection. However, manual checks can take several weeks. The application must be accompanied by payment.

A Schengen Visa application must be made in person at the consulate or embassy of the destination country. It can take up to six weeks for the visa to be issued because the process isn’t automated. Additional requirements for applying for a Schengen Visa include passports that contain at least two blank pages to allow entry and exit stamps, and the validity of the passport must continue for three months beyond the expiry date.

If you are applying for a long-stay residence visa, your passport must be valid until expiration.

Why ETIAS and why now?

The fundamental reason for the popularity of visa waiver programs is that they improve border control, and ETIAS is no different from this. The EU saw the necessity to set up and implement an ETIAS visa following a series of high-profile terrorist acts in Europe in the last decade; This would enhance border security and the safety of European citizens and travelers.

The member nations will share terrorist and other security-related intelligence, making it easier to pre-screen applicants during the online application. Also, with ETIAS, anyone who may constitute a threat to Europe can be detected and prevented from entering the continent. The ease with which tourists can apply for a visa waiver is another significant benefit.


When will ETIAS be necessary to travel to France?

ETIAS is required to travel to France starting November 2023. The European Parliament approved the ETIAS regulation in 2018. It is currently being developed and will be operational next spring. Visitors who are not required to have a visa can still visit France. They will need a valid passport to cross any Schengen border.

Non-EU citizens must complete an additional step before traveling to France. Eligible passport holders can register online to receive ETIAS authorization. The permit is valid for up to 3 years. It can also be used for multiple trips to France of up to 90 days each.

Who will need ETIAS to travel to France?

The current list of countries that will require an ETIAS visa waiver to travel to France is all non-EU or Schengen countries. The following nationalities will have to submit an ETIAS application to France after the online system is launched in November 2023. More countries could be added to this list in the next few months.

Which Schengen Countries can you visit with ETIAS?

You can travel to any Schengen country with ETIAS. Travel authorization will be required for travel to European microstates or countries in the process of joining the Schengen Area. This is a complete list of countries that will need ETIAS starting in November 2023.

How to get ETIAS for France?

The 100% online ETIAS application will be available in France. In 3 easy steps, travelers from eligible countries can apply for travel authorization to France.

  • Complete the ETIAS application form for France
  • Submit the application and pay the ETIAS fees
  • ETIAS approval via email

To complete the application, you must provide basic personal and passport information. This information is automatically compared against the European security database. This stage will approve approximately 97% of all applications. ETIAS National Units will review the remaining 3%.

What is the Difference Between ETIAS and ESTA?

ETIAS and ESTA share many similarities. Both visa waivers are available, and both applications follow the same process. The main difference is that ESTA permits travelers to enter the US, whereas ETIAS allows them to travel to Europe.

Who needs an ETIAS visa waiver?

ETIAS visa waivers are travel authorizations for business or tourism and cannot be used as a substitute for student or working visas. Third-country nationals who want to stay, study, work or live in Europe for more than 90 days must apply for a visa.