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Ultimate Guide on How to Get France Golden Visa 2023


Golden visa France is very popular nowadays. France is becoming a popular destination for thousands of expats who are looking for a more peaceful, relaxed lifestyle. It is home to stunning scenery and delicious cuisines, as well as a slower pace of life.

France is the fifth largest economy in the world, second largest consumer market in Europe, and seventh largest foreign investor. There are many business opportunities available to investors. It has a track record of attracting foreign companies and key talents.

You are more likely to make more money if you move to France than to other countries due to the higher cash flow. According to InterNations 2018 Expat Insider survey one in three expats earns at least PS77,000 a year, while HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey 2018 puts the average expat income at PS61,000.

You will need to confirm with your employer whether the British government will continue taxing you on taxes. If you plan to make France your primary residence, you will need to file a tax returns at the end May if it’s done offline and June if it’s online.

The French government will tax income from the household earnings, in a departure from British policies. This means that you will pay a lower rate if your children are financially supported (who count as one person for these purposes), or a partner. If you have three children and a spouse, your earnings will be divided 3.5 before they are taxed. The lower the tax rate, the larger your family.

You can enjoy all of the legal benefits of marriage if you move to France with your partner.

France is also surprisingly affordable.

Golden visa FranceWe are not going to pull your jambe. But you can save some money by moving from France. More than 1000 people contributed to the fact that renting a 3-bedroom apartment in Paris’s center is less wallet-destroying than in London at around PS2,180 per month.

You will pay around PS1,460 for a life outside the city center if that is what you are looking for. This is significantly less than the London price. You will have more money to spend on beer or wine in France, which are much cheaper.

A monthly Metro pass costs just PS65 and is a great way to save money. This is especially good considering the London Underground pass can cost anywhere from PS135 to PS350. You should be aware that Paris can be expensive for meat, cheese, and clothing if you aren’t careful. However, these costs can be offset by other savings.

Therefore, becoming a French citizen is one of the greatest investments you could think of! And the road to permanent residency is, of course, always easier when there is a fast-tracked application through direct investment in the economy. Many ask: does France have a golden visa? Yes, it does! The country is offering a tech golden visa France that allows investors to obtain equal rights to native French people in no time.


What is the golden visa France?

It is important to remember that passive investments do not grant permanent residence rights. The latter could be used to refer to buying private property or investing into government bonds in order for the funds to work for you.

France expects you to be involved in the economy of the country if you want to get legal status. You can start your own company there. France is the EU’s member state with the best terms and conditions for startups.

However, the company you use to obtain a permanent residence permit doesn’t have to be entirely yours. These are the essential requirements for this stage:

  1. A minimum of 300k euros must be invested into the company’s intangible or tangible assets.
  2. At least 10% must be shared by you.
  3. Within four years from the date of initial investment, the company must employ at most fifty French citizens.
  4. Also, you must own at least 30% shares in the company.

Please note that the minimum investment amount for a startup venture will be reduced by 30K euros if all other conditions are met, and further decreased to 20K euros if the venture is technologically innovative.

The French Tech Visa

Golden visa FranceWhy is French tech visa is a particularly attractive option for foreign investors? If you satisfy the conditions in the previous section, you can be granted a technology Visa. This basically means that the government recognizes your technologically-innovative contribution to the country’s economy and appreciates the creations of additional jobs for nationals.

Beat in mind that after 2023 traveling to France is going to be different. From 2023, the requirements for traveling to Spain will be different. ETIAS applications will be required for anyone visiting Schengen from countries that are not visa-exempt. Check out ETIAS travel information and all the latest news on our website. It will increase travel security in EU countries.

You can also increase your chances of becoming legalized in the country by investing in specific sectors of the economy:

  • Fashion design,
  • Heavy industry
  • Culture and education
  • Media and biological sciences.

They also seem to favor startups in the regions and cities listed in the table.

Aix-Marseille Alsace Angers Avignon Bordeaux Brest
Caen Cannes Grasses Grenoble Epinal Lannion
Le Havre Lille Lorraine Lyon Metz Montpellier
Morlaix Nancy Nantes Nice Normandy Quimper
Rennes Rouen Saint-Etienne Sophia Antipolis Thionville Toulouse


France golden visa requirements

Golden visa France

These documents are required if you want to obtain permanent residence in France. These are the France golden visa requirements:

  • A university degree in the area of business operation you are interested in (minimum Master’s).
  • French authorities have recognized the need for a license to carry out the commercial activity.
  • An approved business plan that meets all French formal presentation requirements.
  • You can get police clearance from both your country and the European Union.

All required documentation must be translated into French and certified by a notary. This applies to all documents in the sections below.

Please note that your Master’s degree must have been issued by an institution recognized in France. If not, you will need to submit a certificate of recognition from the appropriate government authorities in the country.


New Travel Regulations

After 2023, there are going to be a few changes about how people travel to European countries. Approved by the European Union in 2018, the new European Travel Information and Authorization System, ETIAS will replace the current EU Travel Regulations and Requirements from November 2023. Visitors traveling to France from visa-exempt Third Countries, including the UK, will need to apply for ETIAS France authorization to enter the country.


 How to get golden visa in France?

amazing view of a French sightHow to get golden visa in France? Among many golden visa programs in Europe, the golden visa France is certainly one of the most sought-after. But how does one apply to this fast-track program?

If you’re in France at the time you apply, the procedure is as follows:

  1. All required documents must be submitted to the nearest government office.
  2. Complete the CERFA-12753 Application Form and attach it to:
    1. Certificate confirming that you have sufficient funds to support your family and yourself.
    2. Evidence of basic proficiency in French language and elementary familiarity with fundamental values of French culture.
  3. Your application will be approved and you will receive a French Tech residence permit. This permit must be renewed every four year. This visa will allow you and your family to live, work and travel in France and other European Union countries during its validity.

You can apply for visas outside of the country by visiting any French Consulate. The required documentation and application process will be the same. However, your application must be submitted within 180 days of the date you intend to arrive.

Please note that you must renew your permit at the latest 60 days before it expires.


Golden Visa France Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is golden visa in Europe?

A Golden Visa, which is an investment-based type of authorization, allows you to obtain permanent residency or citizenship in another country.

Many countries in the EU and Schengen zone offer Golden Visa programs. You can apply for EU residency or citizenship through the EU Golden Visa program. This includes capital transfer, real property acquisition, and a donation.

Can you get a golden visa for France?

France does not offer a golden visa program for passive investment but offers a fast-track tech visa for investors who are willing to take an active role in the country’s economy.

Does France have a golden visa program?

France offers a tech visa program for permanent residency to investors who are eligible and that meet a number of requirements. The golden visa France 2023 will be an incredible opportunity for those who wish to settle in France permanently.