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Will UK citizens need ETIAS?

Yes, British citizens will need to apply through ETIAS once it becomes mandatory in 2023. The new ETIAS visa waiver will replace the current system for all travel in 2023 and later. There will be a grace period of six months (or more) to help travellers and border officials acclimate to the new process, but it’s best to go ahead and fill out the application form – ideally, at least 96 hours before your departure.

Will I need the ETIAS visa UK to travel to France?

There are no plans to remove the UK from the European Union’s list of visa-exempt countries. However, once ETIAS becomes mandatory, UK citizens will need to complete the online ETIAS application and get pre-approved before travelling to France. As a visa-exempt country, the UK will be one of 60 countries for whom travel to the Schengen area will change in 2023.

Can I work in France or study in France with ETIAS?

No. The ETIAS is not a visa that allows a foreigner to work or study in France. If you wish to do so, you’ll need to apply for a standard work or study visa.

How to apply for a visa to travel to France from the UK?

As far as travel forms are concerned, the ETIAS application is relatively straightforward. UK citizens will need to submit an online application that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete. The application covers basic personal information and a series of security questions.

When will ETIAS go live?

The ETIAS visa waiver will become mandatory in 2023. There’ll be a grace period to minimise disruptions as travellers and border officials get accustomed to the new process. Applying is relatively easy, though. Travellers will need access to the internet, a valid email address, a non-expired passport, and sufficient funds to pay the ETIAS application fee.

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