FAQs - ETIAS Questions

Will UK Citizens Need ETIAS?

Yes. Since January 2020 the UK is no longer member of the European Union. This is why, you, as a UK citizen, will need to apply for ETIAS authorisation prior traveling to France or any other EU member country (except Ireland). In case you have more ETIAS questions, please contact our customer support team or send your queries via email at info@etias-france.org.uk.

Will I Need ETIAS Visa to Travel to France?

No. Even though the UK parted ways with the European Union, it still remains in the list of the Visa Exempt Countries.

Can I work in France or study in France with ETIAS?

No. The ETIAS is not a visa that allows a foreigner to work or study in France. If you wish to do so, you’ll need to apply for a standard work or study visa.

How to Apply for ETIAS Authorisation to Travel to France from the UK?

ETIAS provides user-friendly application procedures. All you have to do is to submit filled out application form alongside your biometric passport. Usually, the system takes several hours to automatically approve your authorisation.

In some rare cases, you might need to submit additional documentations or attend an interview. However, it is estimated that 95 out of 100 ETIAS applications will be approved automatically.

When Will the EU Launch the ETIAS?

ETIAS will be launched from 2024. At first there will be the transition period of six months, before fully switching to ETIAS system.

All you need to apply for ETIAS authorisation is a valid email address, valid passport and credit/debit card to pay for the application fee.

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