European Travel Information and Authorization System

Travel Information for UK citizens Visiting France

From 2024, the requirements for traveling to Spain will be different. ETIAS applications will be required for anyone visiting Schengen from countries that are not visa-exempt. Check out our Requirements Page for more information on ETIAS travel.

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Make sure you’re familiar with Spain’s Travel Requirements before you book your trip. Travelers must have EMA approved vaccine upon- arrival or a negative PCR Test.

France, along with other Schengen, EFTA, and European Microstates with Open Borders, will be subject to new entry requirements starting in 2024. ETIAS authorization will be required for nationals of the 58 Visa-Exempt Countries to enter the country.

Be aware that due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Government of France could impose additional requirements and restrictions that are independent of ETIAS.

Get Notified When ETIAS France Becomes Mandatory! Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest EU Travel Regulations and Requirements

ETIAS Travel Requirements

To be eligible for ETIAS Authorisation, you must have a valid biometric passport. The UK government issued biometric passports in 2010. This means that you do not need to apply for another passport while you are in Spain.

All fees must be paid with a valid debit or credit card. ETIAS authorization is valid for 3 years. If your passport expires prior to your authorization’s expiration date you will need to apply for an ETIAS Visa Waiver.


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Yes. UK citizens will need to apply for ETIAS authorisation, once it becomes mandatory.

Yes. Kids and minors are not exempt from applying for ETIAS authorisation. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for filling out the application form for them.

To obtain ETIAS authorisation you need to apply for ETIAS application form online. After submission of the application form, you will get message of approval or rejection within minutes.

In rare cases you might be asked to submit additional documentation or attend an interview.

No. ETIAS approval is valid for short-term travel purposes only.

If you want to work or study in France, you’ll need to apply for the appropriate visa.