ETIAS Application for UK Citizens

As of 2023, UK citizens will be required to submit an ETIAS application before travelling to France or any other destination within the Schengen zone. Learn abour ETIAS requirements for UK citizens – from essential documents to reasons for refusal and everything in between. UK citizen looking to travel to France, should learn how to apply for ETIAS as it will soon replace the visa-free travel regime that British nationals enjoy. While you will not be required to apply for a traditional visa, the ETIAS online application will serve a similar purpose, authorizing you for entry into any Schengen country (including France is). Be advised however that an ETIAS authorization does not guarantee you entry. Border officials have the final say in every case.


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What is ETIAS?

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), a new visa waiver system, will debut in 2023. ETIAS was created by the European Union in 2016. ETIAS will revolutionize the way that millions of Brits travel to France and other European countries. ETIAS applications will become mandatory for all British citizens who want to enter any of the 26 Schengen nations once it is made mandatory in 2023.

ETIAS is designed to be an easy online ETIAS application system that should not take longer than 10 minutes to complete. You may be wondering why the European Union replaced the visa-free policy. ETIAS is designed to increase safety and security for both residents and travellers. It is designed to lower health-related risks, combat crime, and fight terrorism and illegal migration.

To this purpose, pre-screening through the ETIAS system will become commonplace for foreign travelers looking to enter Europe. Following Brexit, British citizens are not considered EU citizens and therefore do not enjoy the same rights as before. Nonetheless, applying for ETIAS should be hassle-free for most UK nationals that want to travel to France.

Consider that ETIAS is a new visa waiver for Schengen countries. Not every member of Schengen is part of the European Union, and not every member of the European Union is part of Schengen. For example, Switzerland and Norway are part of Schengen and will require an ETIAS, just like France, even though France is a member of the European Union and Switzerland and Norway are not. At the same time, countries like Ireland, integral members of the European Union, do not participate in the Schengen area and therefore will not require ETIAS to travel, but will uphold their own travel regulation.


Required Information

The new ETIAS visa waiver program facilitates efficient procession and pre-screening for UK citizens. The ETIAS application form, which is available online, will only take about 10 minutes to complete. In most cases, the applicant will receive an approval or rejection notice within 24 hours. Upon reviewing an application, officials may request additional information or supporting documents. Less often, they may request a face-to-face interview. For most travellers, though, the ETIAS process will be smooth and require little effort. As long as you have a stable internet connection, your documents and passport are legitimate and valid, and you’re able to pay the ETIAS fee, you shouldn’t run into any issues with the new travel form. Once they’ve filled out the form and been granted approval to travel, UK citizens will not need to reapply for up to 3 years. Keep in mind that border officials may ask for hotel reservations or proof of sufficient funds at the port of entry on top of your ETIAS authorization.

Here’s a snapshot of what the ETIAS application will ask for:

Biometric information

NATIONALITY information



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Cancellation or Rejection of ETIAS Application

There are several reasons why officials may reject an ETIAS application, and most of them are linked to submission errors, not complying with ETIAS requirements or concerns surrounding the application’s legal history. Possible reasons for ETIAS visa application refusal include: